8Q Payments

Discover 8QUANTA’s solution for streamlining Payment Processing within NetSuite!
8Q PAYMENTS was designed with your NetSuite ROI in mind. With 8Q PAYMENTS automation, accepting payments becomes a daily breeze. Reduced training time, reduced errors and eliminated repetitive steps will make you a raving fan of 8Q PAYMENTS! Whether you take payments from a website, within NetSuite, customer generated, in person, over the phone, in US $ or other currencies 8Q Payments has a solution for you to accept payments and reduce costs efficiently and naturally.
Maximize Efficiency
Maximize Automation
Advanced Features

Customers ROI

8Q Payments is an omni-channel , full-service payments plug-in, designed to increase your NetSuite ROI. This SuiteApp increases productivity and reduces training by automating recurring tasks and reducing keystrokes.
Accept payments natively in NetSuite, with or without EMV swipe terminals, from your SCA webstore or your 3rd party web application. It’s features Include convenience fees, pay links (estimates, sales orders, invoices, and statements), accept and deposit 130+ currencies 1-1 direct deposit, fully automated reconciliation, full tokenization, and much more.

Who uses it?

If your organization uses NetSuite and collects payments from your clients, you will benefit from this software.

How much does it cost?

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